Monday, November 28, 2011

RequestFactory and Google Data Store

Hello everybody.

I have a simple question. Can I use the @PersistenceCapable
annotation(data store) and the @Entity annotation in the same class

I've just find RequestFactory to use data model in cliente side, but
I'm not sure how can it change my actual model. Can I keep my
@Persistent annotations in the class or have I to change them to the
javax.annotation ones? (I'd love some tutorial reference or something
like that)

PDT: how can I generate the Proxy entities, the service locators and
the rest of the RequestFactory structure with eclise? I mean, I have
the model (@PersistenceCapable and/or @Entity) with a couple of
entities (as 10), but I want to avoid typing to much code repeating
@ProxyFor, @ProxyValue, etc, instead, I'd like to use an eclipse
generator wich would create the basic code structure.

Thanks a lot.


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