Tuesday, November 29, 2011

JSR 303 (bean validation): build failed for two modules with own validators


I have a lot of GWT modules in my application and each module has its
own beans to be validated. I have created two validators in two
modules according to template:

public final class Module1ValidatorFactory extends
AbstractGwtValidatorFactory {

@GwtValidation(value = { PendingData.class, EmployerData.class })
public interface EmployersValidator extends Validator {

public AbstractGwtValidator createValidator() {
return GWT.create(EmployersValidator.class);


public final class Module2ValidatorFactory extends
AbstractGwtValidatorFactory {

@GwtValidation(value = { EditPasscodeData.class })
public interface PasscodeChangeValidator extends Validator {

public AbstractGwtValidator createValidator() {
return GWT.create(PasscodeChangeValidator.class);


I have the following error at compile time:

[INFO] [ERROR] Errors in 'C:\...\my-project\target\.generated\com
[INFO] [ERROR] Line 92:
com...employers.shared.model._PendingDataValidator cannot be resolved
[INFO] [ERROR] Line 96:
com...common.shared.model._EmployerDataValidator cannot be resolved
[INFO] [ERROR] Cannot proceed due to previous errors

Where the "com...employers.shared.model._PendingDataValidator" &
"com...common.shared.model._EmployerDataValidator" are the beans
should be validated by the validator from the first module. I have no
errors if I build only one module (no matter first or second), but I
have this error when I build two modules at once.

Does anyone have several modules with own validators (and own set of
beans) in the one application?



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