Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Re: Ideal development platform for GWT/GAE?

We recently bought some Mac minis (base 2,3Ghz Dual Core i5 model but with 750GB HDD and 8 GB Ram) and we are pretty happy with them. They have a good performance and are silent during normal Eclipse coding/deploying work. When building an app using Ant we copy our source to a ramdisk so we can do everything else (compiling, jpa weaving, build jars / wars) in memory which saves time and the HDD isn't a real constraint anymore. You could also add a really small SSD (possibly the smalles you can get) to your system that only stores your Eclipse workbench to speed things up further.
For Git we use SourceTree from Atlassian (www.sourcetreeapp.com) which is really a great Git client for OS X. But we also have the choice to switch to console for git or for simple things just use EGit from Eclipse.

In my opinion OS X is a really good OS for development. Its productive, easy to use and you always have the choice to use its UNIX core. If you don't like OS X or Apple in general I would recommend using Ubuntu or Linux Mint (also based on Ubuntu).

-- J.

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