Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Re: How to handle Browser History using UiBinder ?

UiBinder is about generating widget/layout code from XML, it has nothing to do with handling navigation within your app; i.e. instead of writing:

    this.textBox = new TextBox();
    this.textBox.setText("some text");
    String textBoxPlaceholderId = HTMLPanel.createUniqueId();
    HTMLPanel htmlPanel = new HTMLPanel("<label class='" + cssResources.label() + "'>" + SafeHtmlUtils.htmlEscape(myConstants.label()) + " <span id='" + textBoxPlaceholderId + "'></span></label>");
    htmlPanel.addAndReplaceElement(textBox, textBoxPlaceholderId);


you simply write:
   <label class="{style.label}"><ui:msg from="{myConstants.label}"/> <g:TextBox ui:field="textBox">some text</g:TextBox></label>

It has really nothing to do with "handing token with history".

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