Wednesday, November 30, 2011



I have got some Question concerning Serialization and persistence.
At First I have got a GWT project with Client code and a Servlet to communicate with
my EJB Project.
In the EJB project there are some Persistent Entitie Classes with references among each other and beans to manage them.
The Reference may look like this:
             Object A
              /        \
  Object B     Object C
                          Object D
Mostly there are 1:n Relationships, which i have to modelling with oneToMany or something like this..
I store them into a MYSQL Database which already work with Strings.
With Strings I haven't got Problems to transfer them from the GWT Client Side over the GWt Servlet to the EJB Bean and then into the Database and the same way back to the Client Side.
But when I try to transfer an own created Class object (POJO?) between GWT Client and EJB, I always get an Serialization Exception. 
Is it because of the GWT Servlet? I read something that you have to use DTo or Value Objects? Is this correct?
or isn't there a easy way to solve this?

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