Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Re: GWT 2.0.4 Way to query browser window's document area size in onModuleLoad

The post is a little old but I would just like to share a solution.
In my onModuleLoad() method of the "main" class in my GWT project the first thing I do is setting the height of the rootPanel to 100%.


From here I can then work with the rootPanel object to obtain the offSetHeight which can then be used to set the height of my other panels.

I have a menuBar which is a horizontalPanel and the height is 60px. Below the menu bar I have a flowPanel and I set the height by obtaining the rootPanel height - 60px. I fill this flowPanel with a Map where the Width and Height is set to100%.

FlowPanel mapPanel = new FlowPanel();
int height = RootPanel.get().getOffsetHeight() - 60;
mapPanel.setHeight((new Integer(height)).toString());

Hope this helps.



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