Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Re: Ideal development platform for GWT/GAE?

On Tuesday, November 29, 2011 8:38:01 AM UTC+1, Y2i wrote:
It seems that Ubuntu Linux exhibits "just works" behavior the best because all necessary tools (git, java, maven) are very easy to install/upgrade from centralized repository (no need to jump through various sites to get them).

Er, well, Oracle Java is no longer distributed that way (another Oracle bad decision re. Java), only OpenJDK (and we've had a few issues with OpenJDK).
Maven in Ubuntu repositories is still Maven 2; Maven 3 has to be installed manually or through a PPA.
Eclipse 3.7 is available but I prefer installing it by hand and manage plugins and updates through Eclipse's own system.
And I'd actually prefer an auto-update on Google Chrome, as they do on Windows, than a PPA (and similarly for Firefox).
I use un-modified Ubuntu 11.10 installation with Unity and personally found it very productive compared to other UIs (Win7, OS X, Gnome 3).

It's a matter of taste I'm afraid: I much prefer the window focus management in Mutter (Gnome 3) or even Windows, than the one in Compiz (Unity), and if you're using Subversion, there's nothing better than TortoiseSVN. On the other hand, there's actually nothing better than git-svn for working with subversion repositories, and the git-gui/gitk combo works great whichever platform; it just happens to be much easier to install and update on Linux than on Windows (on MacOSX I'm told there are really good alternative Git frontends: GitX et al; but I never used MacOSX so I can't compare).

But really, the thing is not much the OS but the hardware. Of course the OS is important as an OS that drains too much will limit the resources available for actual work (and Windows is in the "bad guys" family), but not as important as the amount of RAM and computing power, and the speed of your disks (that's why we chose really big HDDs, for increased speed relative to smaller ones, with a cost much lower than an SSD and hopefully a longer lifetime).

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