Wednesday, November 30, 2011

GWT for mobile.


We are planning to use GWT as UI framework on top of Spring for our
large enterprise application which needs to run in an heterogeneous
environment. We want the application to run on IE 7, IE 8, IE 9,
Mozilla , Safari and chrome in different Operating Systems like
Windows and Mac.

GWT already proved to be good choice for cross browser desktop
applications and so we are ready to start using it.

But we are in dilemma about its capability to support browsers in
mobile devices of Android and i-OS. I know there is mobile version of
GWT, but that requires large amount of re-implementing the

We want to reuse the same service for both the desktop and mobile
clients. I know there will be some price to pay in terms of GUI and
performance on mobile apps, but in short term until we get a a mobile
version native apps ready we are prepared to use the application in
browsers of the mobiles.

Please suggest if GWT can achieve this or is there scope for bigger

Thanks in advance.

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