Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Re: where can i get the results of RequestContext's fire method?

ok i'm getting a sense of a chicken & egg, where i'm the chicken.. and the egg is the request context, let me try overview the way i see it:

define an interface extending request context, said interface will various dao like method , like Request<Proxy> getById(int) and Request<Void) persist (proxy)

get the requestContext from the request factory (let's call it ctx1)

call a getter method like getById (int) on ctx1) and fire it

on it's reciver call the driver's edit method sending a the proxy and another call requestContext (ctx2)

after editing call the driver flush method which will return ctx2

now ctx2 contains the changes made to the proxy

but if i call fire on ctx2, it would fire the changes to.. where , i mean i don't have a reference to changed proxy.

unless your saying that after the original call to getById i should also call persist  method, cause now i'm feeling like the egg here..

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