Wednesday, November 30, 2011

GWT Widget in Designer with Database Specific Attributes

I am very new to all technologies surrounding GWT, so feel free to
point and laugh at the following question:

I want to build a listbox widget that has properties which will insert
items into (onModuleLoad) based upon rows returned from a MySQL
database query. The additional properties would be as follows:


These would then be associated with a method that executes the SQL
query through a database pool on a Geronimo (Tomcat) server. In other
words, they would be parameters passed to the server side method that
performs the call. I already have the appropriate server-side code to
accept the parameters.

I have modified a tutorial I found at IBM on how to communicate with
the database itself and have a small web page that confirms that I can
insert data into the database and retrieve it. I imported this
project into Eclipse and can see the widgets in the Designer

The MySQL database sits on a totally separate server and is made
accessible via a database pool on the Tomcat server.

What I want is to be able to create a listbox widget (and using this
as an example, other widgets), where I can drag them on to a panel in
GWT Designer, and set properties for an appropriate SQL query that
will populate the listbox (or other widget in an appropriate manner)
when it is loaded.

To me this seems like a very useful function as you only need to worry
about the database query used to initially populate the list. This
could be extended to any other widget whose initial value(s) could be
derived from a database. This is part of a "grander" vision of a
Design tool that masks the inherent complexity of this technology,
while still allowing the user to create sophisticated, data driven
user interfaces.


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