Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Using RequestBuilder to communicate with a RESTful API on another port

I want to write a RESTful GWT frontend for a RESTful backend. The
problem is that the backend code (server) is written in Go and can't
run on the same port as GWT's dev server (port 8888 & 9997).

Due to XMLHttpRequest's (the underlying class behind RequestBuilder)
security restrictions I can't communicate with anything that isn't
running on the same port of the same host? Of course I can write GWT
frontend code, compile it and run it on the same host&port but this
dev approach isn't really feasible as I can't test anything while I'm
in dev mode.

So is there a way to make REST calls (via RequestBuilder or
XMLHttpRequest) to a server that isn't running on the same host&port?


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