Monday, May 30, 2011

Can't get gwt remote service (path) to work


I have an app named "thinpost", where client-side code lives in
com.mthusain.thinpost.client.* and server-side code lives in
com.mthusain.thinpost.server.* . I have made a service (for RPC with
AppEngine JDO) called ThinpostService. The ThinpostServiceAsync code
lives in the client-side whereas the ThinpostServiceImpl code lives in
the server. In the ThinpostService, I have included this line at the
top: @RemoteServiceRelativePath("welcome"). In the web.xml file, I

<!-- Servlets -->

<!-- Servlet Mapping -->

Why am I still getting this error: 404

Problem accessing /thinpost/welcome. Reason:


What am I doing wrong? I have tried many different combinations of url-
patterns: com.mthusain.thinpost.thinpost/welcome, com.mthusain/
welcome, com.mthusain/welcome, thinpost/welcome etc. but none seems to
work. Do I need to create a file in com.mthusain.thinpost called
welcome? If so, then what should I add in it? What am I missin here?
Any help would be kindly appreciated.

Thank you.

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