Monday, May 30, 2011

Re: Reusing a pre-existing service layer

Looks like your client classes will go much beyond emulated JRE in
GWT. Also, you need source code of all the classes which go to client-
Try to identify server-only classes and non-server-only classes. The
latter has to to conform to emulated JRE and the source code is to be
made available.
I guess you may have to do a lot of retrofitting to GWT.


On May 29, 8:59 pm, okmich <> wrote:
> Good day,
> I am a beginner with GWT and to put a lot of my learning to work, I
> have an existing web app that was written using EJB3 (jar) + JSF
> (war).
> What I am trying to is keep the jar as usual and replace the war using
> GWT.
> I have a separate lib where I put all the transfer, service interfaces
> and query objects for use in the war project. Also as a part of JSF
> implementation I use the transfer object in the jsp pages through the
> managed beans.
> My question how could this be implemented in GWT. The fear/scare is
> majorly around the compile-to-javascript for the transfer and query
> object.
> Ideas please,
> Regards.

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