Monday, May 30, 2011

Re: GWT 2.3 composite editor // setValue called twice

I didn't look at the code, so this may not be feasible, but shouldn't
you be doing this heavy stuff only when the value changes? It's
pretty easy to check the current vale prior to doing any work, or
implement via handling valuechangeevents.

On May 27, 8:27 am, Sebastian Beigel <> wrote:
> Hi,
> unfortunately there seems to be no love for the issue I reported a
> while ago concerning the revamped editor code (starting w/ GWT 2.3)
> using Refresher & Initializer.
> Sub-editors' setValue() methods get called twice, which can be a very
> bad thing if you do something fancy/heavy in you setValue() method.
> But even for non-visible use-cases (like my trivial example w/
> TextBoxes) it's unnecessary and a can harm performance.
> Sebastian

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