Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Re: SplitLayoutPanel Sizing?

May be you are missing to put SplitLayoutPanel in a RootLayoutPanel.
Alternatively you can provide explicit size, see Recipes here:



On 31 Mag, 10:54, Nick Apperley <napper...@gmail.com> wrote:
> In the application (using GWT 2.3) there is a SplitLayoutPanel with a
> widget on the left (East) and one on the right (West). When viewing
> the application in both FF 3.6 and FF 4 the combo box in the left side
> of the SplitLayoutPanel has its end chopped off. No resizing of the
> SplitLayoutPanel with its divider will show the rest of it.
> Another issue with the SplitLayoutPanel is that the widget on the
> right side doesn't display in both FF 3.6 and FF4. Initially I thought
> it was because the widget was reporting the incorrect width however
> after fixing the width reporting the issue still occurs.
> What is the best way to size SplitLayoutPanel so that it will allocate
> half to one side and half to another anytime its contents changes?
> What might cause SplitLayoutPanel to not display a Widget on a
> particular side?
> Below is the contents of the UIBinder file which are relevant to
> SplitLayoutPanel:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> <g:west size="1.0">
>     <g:VerticalPanel ui:field="navLayout">
>         <g:Label text="Image" ui:field="imageLbl"/>
>         <g:ListBox ui:field="zonesCbo"/>
>         <g:HTMLPanel ui:field="imageLayout">
>             <div id="imageDiv">
>             </div>
>             <div id="imageMapDiv">
>             </div>
>         </g:HTMLPanel>
>     </g:VerticalPanel>
> </g:west>
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The right side of the SplitLayoutPanel has its contents dynamically
> added/removed. On the left side imageDiv/imageMapDiv have their
> contents dynamically change, depending on what has been selected at
> the time by the user. Since some custom HTML elements is used
> (ImageElement and MapElement) in the left side it could make sizing
> the SplitLayoutPanel very tricky.

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