Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SplitLayoutPanel Sizing?

In the application (using GWT 2.3) there is a SplitLayoutPanel with a
widget on the left (East) and one on the right (West). When viewing
the application in both FF 3.6 and FF 4 the combo box in the left side
of the SplitLayoutPanel has its end chopped off. No resizing of the
SplitLayoutPanel with its divider will show the rest of it.

Another issue with the SplitLayoutPanel is that the widget on the
right side doesn't display in both FF 3.6 and FF4. Initially I thought
it was because the widget was reporting the incorrect width however
after fixing the width reporting the issue still occurs.

What is the best way to size SplitLayoutPanel so that it will allocate
half to one side and half to another anytime its contents changes?
What might cause SplitLayoutPanel to not display a Widget on a
particular side?

Below is the contents of the UIBinder file which are relevant to

<g:west size="1.0">
<g:VerticalPanel ui:field="navLayout">
<g:Label text="Image" ui:field="imageLbl"/>
<g:ListBox ui:field="zonesCbo"/>
<g:HTMLPanel ui:field="imageLayout">
<div id="imageDiv">
<div id="imageMapDiv">

The right side of the SplitLayoutPanel has its contents dynamically
added/removed. On the left side imageDiv/imageMapDiv have their
contents dynamically change, depending on what has been selected at
the time by the user. Since some custom HTML elements is used
(ImageElement and MapElement) in the left side it could make sizing
the SplitLayoutPanel very tricky.

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