Monday, May 30, 2011

Using custom LocalMessages apart from Locales


we're are having problems to customize the I18N functionality of GWT.

We are currently using a static property file to generate our interfaces we use in the code.

Apart from loading the default locales like "de" or "en" at runtime we are also looking for a way to load custom language files dependent of another property (e.g. called "dist").

In detail:

In our .gwt.xml we have both properties defined like this:

<extend-property values="de" name="locale"/>
<extend-property values="en" name="locale"/>
<define-property name="xvz.platform" values="dist1,dist2,dist3"/>

We now want to have one language file which contains all generic properties, and for each distribution and language other language files which can contain special values.
All these interfaces should also be generated automatically with the maven gwt plugin "i18nMessagesBundle".

We already tried to use a "SpecialLocalMessage" interface which extends all the special dist interfaces but we were not able to replace those in the gwt.xml via "<replace-with>" because there are classes but not interfaces required.

Do you see any solution for this problem?

Thanks for you help in advance and best regards,


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