Monday, May 30, 2011

GWT 2.3 and the IE6 permutation


I've currently come across some weird behavior with the IE6
permutation of the new 2.3 release. We're targeting IE7 (not IE6), if
that matters. The described behavior applies to both IE6 and IE7
though. In our GWT project we use a lot of FlexTables, and most of the
generated elements (if not all) have a specified width in their style
attribute, which we did not apply to the element.

Most of the time we have a CSS class attached to the FlexTable, with
our specified width value. This value gets overridden and we cannot
even set the width explicitly via setWidth()/setSize() - all values
are overridden with the one in the style attribute! The generated
width is 32 pixels, if someone wonders.

This behavior came when we upgraded to GWT 2.3, with the 2.2 version
we had not problems at all.

What can I do to solve the problem?

Best regards,
Björn Wikström

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