Sunday, May 29, 2011

Re: Error when obfuscating a gwt jar

External obfuscation seriously interferes with GWT.
1.Whatever is in client package, in any case, can not be obfuscated.
2. All the shared classes undergoing serialization can not be
3. All the classes, which reside only in server, are under your
control and, hence, there is no need for any obfuscation.

If the jar file you are talking about is a thrid party jar, you really
have a problem. When there is an update of jar file, it will result in
an incompatible serialization of the already saved objects.


On May 29, 5:59 pm, Hedi Ben Said <> wrote:
> In my application besides the javascript that have been generated as a
> result for the gwt compilation, there is also a jar file that contains
> the classes of my gwt application. These classes are necessary to make
> the server and client part communicate via rpc
> On May 27, 11:24 am, Martin Trummer <>
> wrote:
> > I guess, that your extra obfuscation step changes the names of all
> > classes and thus the GWT serialization mechanism will not find the
> > correct classes. I don't think you need toobfuscateanything, because
> > GWT already obfuscates the java-script code:
> > that means, all GWT code, that the client will ever see is already
> > obfuscated:
> > so why would you want toobfuscatethe class files again?
> > On May 26, 7:17 pm, Hedi Ben Said <> wrote:
> > > When Iobfuscatea jar of a gwt application I got the following error
> > > "The response could not be deserialized".
> > > By obfuscating I do not mean the compiler option of gwt. I mean
> > > obfuscating the .class files contained in the jar file
> > > Do you have any idea?
> > > Thanks a lot

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