Monday, August 30, 2010

XMLHttpRequest / RequestBuilder - withCredentials


Using GWT RequestBuilder, I need to set the "withCredentials" flag for
the XMLHttpRequest (I need to do XSS with access to Cookies as part of
an RPC call).

Maybe I am too much of a Noob with GWT, but can't see how this can be

Everything else I am try to do is working fine (i.e. I get the correct
data/functions that I am trying to achieve (Cross site)), but cannot
pass a cookie to the Server, or set a cookie from the Server - I am
using GAE to host the application.

I appreciate the default action of XMLHttpRequest is to set the
'withCredentials' flag to false (for XSS), hence the ability to
override this setting when sending the request - But RequestBuilder
doesn't appear to provide any interface to this function.

Can anybody point me to the way this would be set?



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