Monday, August 30, 2010

Advice for GWT.create and tag ?

I'm developing an app for 2 languages and GWT performs 12 compilation
(2*6 for each browser)
But i also need to develop a second UI for some widgets so i decided
to use the <replace-with> tag for replacing a class with one of it's
children and also instantiating that class with GWT.create().
the problem is that now GWT performs 24 compilation (and it seems very
awkward because the gwt library uses a lot of these replace-with/
create() stuff). So if i use a second replace-with tag and
GWT.create() for another class replacement, will that generate another
12 compilations ? (36 total !)
The question is: am i doing smth wrong ? or should i adopt another
strategy for using multiple classes ?
Please advice !

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