Monday, August 30, 2010

Re: How to add a widget as a Panel on top of the MapPanel


What are you trying to accomplish? You want to cover the map with a
panel, but still have the map work? If the panel contains an image
that you are simply trying to overlay on the map, use the
map.addOverlay method. With that, you can put images or just about
anything else you want right on the map and it becomes part of the map
so that the map keeps all of its functionality. If that's not what
you're after, please try to explain what you want a bit more clearly.


On Aug 29, 8:37 am, Kiarash <> wrote:
> I successfully have been implementing the gwt google maps. I am trying
> to add a Panel on the top of the Map, but when I add a panel on top of
> the Map so the map loose its functionality... I cannot move the map or
> zoom etc... What I do is that adding the map to the LayoutPanel
> "myMapPanel", next myMapPanel.add(googleMap), next
> myMapPanel.add(mySmalPanelOnTop)... and the map loose its
> functionality. Is there a way working around this??? Thanx!!!

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