Monday, August 30, 2010

Long RPC causes fail without statuscode


I've got a problem with an RPC call. I'm using the RPC Dispatch
"Pattern" and call a Handler on the server which is working about
60minutes. I deployed the application on two different servers and got
the following:
- Server 1: It seems the RPC fails after 5 minutes and the onFailure
Method on client side is invoked. The Throwable contains a
statuscodeexception without a message and without a statuscode! The
very interesting point is, that the handler continue his work until
he's ready, but then do not go to the client again.
- Server 2: The same as above but it takes about 50 minutes until the
RPC comes back to onFailure at the client side. (the time difference
could be caused by the different performance of the servers). So I've
got the same problem without an exception on the client side and the
server side is working properly but without going back to the client.

There is no timeout implemented for the RPC calls.
Seems there is a problem within the rpc call, because a whole try /
catch around the handler code doesn't throw any exceptions.

Does anyone have an idea or had already the same problem?


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