Monday, August 30, 2010

Re: Problems with gwt plugin and eclipse

Hi TBirch

I also had problems, ehwn I get started with GWT.
I am using Windows 7 64-Bit.

I have the followong Verison installed, and everything
works fine:

Eclipse Helios 3.6 32-Bit !!
Plugins fomr the Eclipse-plugin-install-feature

Be sure you have a Java 32-Bit JDK installed, otherwise
this will nor work with Eclipse 32-Bit.

Greets Alex

On 29 Aug., 21:44, TBirch <> wrote:
> I am running 64 bit windows vista and for some reason I am getting
> this error:
> Errors occurred during the build.
> Errors running builder 'Google Web Toolkit Project Validator' on
> project 'contacts'.
> org.eclipse.jdt.internal.core.JavaModel cannot be cast to
> org.eclipse.jdt.core.IJavaProject
> I have tried several versions of eclipse and and the only way I seem
> to be able to create and run a standard gwt project in eclipse is by
> going back to an older version of eclipse i.e Version:
> 3.5.0.v20090611a-9gEeG1HFtQcmRThO4O3aR_fqSMvJR2sJ
> Build id: I20090611-1540
> Anyone have any suggestions as I have tried every other combination of
> 32 and 64 bit eclipse with gwt plugin I can think of.
> Thanks

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