Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Re: problems with auto-complete form login

On 31 août, 11:38, Magnus <alpineblas...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> didn't you propose exactly this method which is referenced in the
> document I referred to?

Yes, and I implemented it, and I now regret.

> On 30 Aug., 10:48, Thomas Broyer <t.bro...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > ...which violates rule #3: do not move the form around
> Which rule do you mean?

Some informal rules. Rule #1 is to have the form in the original
markup of the page, and rule #2 is to let the browser submit the form
using an <input type=submit> or <button type=submit>, rather than
calling form.submit().

> > See above, the problem is moving the FormPanel around (adding it to a
> > VerticalPanel in this case).
> I don't understand that, because the VerticalPanel is also used in the
> example, and this seems to work:
> http://borglin.net/gwt-project/?page_id=467

I can't tell whether the example work in all browsers, but in my (now
ancient) testings, you had to leave the form where you found it and
only play with its attributes and style (that'd be rule #3).

> > (but believe me, you'd rather externalize the login process from your
> > app, just like Google apps –as you're using GMail, you should
> > understand what I mean–, it makes things so much simpler!)
> What exactly would get simpler? If the login/logout mechanism works,
> everything is fine, isn't it?

If you "cache" some data on the client-side (which also includes, for
instance, populating a ListBox only if it's empty, because you know
upfront that the data shouldn't change for the lifetime of the app,
for a given user), then you'd have to dispatch login/logout events to
all your components so they empty their caches. You don't have to
think about this kind of things if data won't change for the lifetime
of the app (because signing out would mean leaving the app).

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