Tuesday, August 31, 2010

user.agent options

Does anyone know if there is a comprehensive list of options that a
compatible with the different versions of GWT?

I cant seem to find a list anywhere, it actually took me a while to
work out that "safari" = "chrome", and surprisingly it even took a
while (without just trying it) to find out that ie8 was the option for

Im guessing that this should be in some documentation somewhere,
forgive me if i have missed it, but I just cant find it and was hoping
someone here has already found it!

elsewhere on this forum Ive found that "gecko"="FF3", but then someone
else said that "gecko1_8" is right for "FF3"

and in another thread: "Yep, "safari" actually means "webkit" as in
Safari, Chrome, Symbian's
S60 browser (as found within Nokia phones), Mobile Safari (as found in
the iPhone), Android's browser, etc. "

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