Monday, August 30, 2010

Loading the old 'gwt.js' bootstrap script is no longer supported

Hello all,

I am trying to upgrade the GWT version of a project I did a long time
ago from the beta version of GWT to GWT 1.5.3.

When I try to run the project in host mode I get the following error:
[TRACE] The development shell servlet received a request for 'gwt.js'
in module 'com.sample.project.ClientCallDetails.gwt.xml'
[WARN] Loading the old 'gwt.js' bootstrap script is no longer
supported; please load
'com.sample.project.ClientCallDetails.nocache.js' directly

I did change my ClientCallDetails.html file's <script /> tag to
reflect the new module name to load instead of gwt.js. However, every
time I compile the project the .html gets overwritten and module to
load returns to gwt.js

Anyone have ideas as to what I might of missed during my upgrade to
GWT 1.5?

Thanks in advanced

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