Tuesday, August 31, 2010

App engine automatically caching?

Hey guys,

I'm building an application that processes xml, which can be located
on an external server. Based on the xml, the application views and
runs differently.

A common use case when working on the xml, is to make some changes, go
to the application, and reprocess the xml to see the changes. This
works great locally. However, when running it on app engine, I'll make
a change to the xml, go and reprocess it on the application, and the
changes don't show up. If I reload the page a few time, the changes
will show up. Modifying the url (maybe by removing www) will show the
changes right away. Sometimes loading a different xml, then going back
might work.

Does app engine automatically cache? If it does, can I stop it? Its
weird though, because even though the changes are small, the result of
the application is still different than before. So it seems app engine
should be able to recognize this and not pull from the cache. Also,
the processing is happening on the server via RPC, so caching makes no

If it's not an app engine issue, can you think of anything else that
might cause this problem or any ways to test it. I'm at a road block
because it works great locally.

I might just add a bunch of logging and see if I can identify a
problem, but figure I try to get some feedback here first.

Thanks guys,


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