Sunday, January 22, 2017

Run GWT/GXT in Debug Mode while Deployed on WebSphere

I have used Brandon Donnelson's video to setup a Code Server via GWT Eclipse Plugin (V3 - updated to the latest) in order to debug the front-end (GWT/GXT - 2.7/4.0) code while it's been deployed on WebSphere Application Server (8.5). I am running this in Eclipse EE Mars 2. WAS runs with 1.7.1 JDK and Eclipse default compiler is also JDK 1.7.

My WebSphere server in Eclipse has been configured not to publish automatically and Run server with resources on the server. (A side note, it seems like when WAS is run to use Eclipse workspace to deploy resources, it doesn't deploy anything under .plugin/ like Tomcat, and only creates configuration files on the actual WAS server. Hence the reason I went with that server Runtime option).

I can start WebSphere server from Eclipse in Debugging mode, and the application is published (installed and started) with no error -- it is a same default application created in the video. Mind you that at this point, I have not run GWT compiler on the project as I assume we want the CodeServer to trigger compilation when the page is accessed.

Finally, in order to supply -launcherDir flag in Debug Configuration of CodeServer, I use the following file system directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\AppSrv01\installedApps\<Node/Cell>\WebAppSampleEAR.ear\WebAppSample.war

When I launch GWT debugger and go to the (application server URL + Context Root), e.g. http://localhost:9080/WebAppSample, I see that the code server compiles GWT code and "webappsample\" appears in above directory with JavaScripts. I can see the CodeServer item in Eclipse Debugger listed with all the threads as well. I can also access the CodeServer, e.g. http://localhost:9876, and view the latest compilation items for the project.

However, when I place the breakpoints in that simple application, it only catches breakpoints on the RPC service side of the application, and no breakpoint is caught on the GWT side, e.g. on any of the registered handlers.

The thing is that I am still able to modify GWT code, e.g. change button display name, and reload the page, e.g. http://localhost:9080/WebAppSample, which triggers recompilation and I can see the changes. But as I said, no breakpoint happens on the GWT side, e.g. onModuleLoad(). Is there something I am missing here?

P.S. I am running everything as an Administrator.

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