Sunday, January 22, 2017

Callback for CellList cell attaching to DOM?

Is it possible to register a callback for when a CellList cell has attached to the DOM?  And if not, any ideas on how to solve this problem?

The problem occurs when I am embedding an interactive Google Map into a cellList cell.  Since the div element which will contain the map exists within the cell, I need to make sure the cell loads, otherwise my call to getElementById will return null.  Using a Timer, I can guess how long it will take, and usually it will work, but I would much rather respond to a callback. 

For example, in my ui:binder cell I pass a predetermined "mapId" to the cell.  This allows be to then access that specific element outside of the cell rendering, and then pass that element to the Google Maps API. 

Again, I have this working, but only by guessing a wait time with a Timer which leads to obvious issues.

<ui:with type="java.lang.String" field="mapId" />

<div id="{mapId}" style="height:15em" />

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