Friday, January 27, 2017

GWT 2.7: access public static final field in JSNI results as undefined in SuperDevMode

Hi all,

during development I ran into a problem and I had to dig a bit deeper to find the root cause. Perhaps someone can explain why this happens.

I use GWT 2.7. And I have a class with some constants. For example something like this:

public class MyConstants {      public static final String SPECIAL_MARKER = "marker";    }  

Now I try to use this in a JSNI method in another class, for example in this way:

...    public static native void doSomethingWithMarker() /*-{     var cm = @my.package.MyConstants::SPECIAL_MARKER      $wnd.alert(cm);  }-*/;    ...  

In classic dev mode and in the compiled version this is working. In SuperDevMode cm is undefined.

Now, I remove the final and voila, it even works in SuperDevMode.
So obviously the final is a problem. But why is it working in classic and compiled mode? Is this simply a bug or is there a better way to use such constants?


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