Thursday, January 26, 2017

How to simulate a click for a GWT button using fireEvent

I am trying to simulate a mouse click event on GWT (Google Web Toolkit) Application in <=IE8 (using fireEvent, not dispatchEvent)

A sample custom button can be found here:!CwCustomButton (The toggle button is easiest to see if the click was processed)

The major boilerplate for simulating the click can be found here: (This is where I got the simulate function used below)

I have been able to successfully simulate the click event by using the following commands for IE9+ (in this case simulate used dispatchEvent)

simulate(document.getElementById("gwt-debug-cwCustomButton-toggle-normal"), "mouseover");  simulate(document.getElementById("gwt-debug-cwCustomButton-toggle-normal"), "mousedown");  simulate(document.getElementById("gwt-debug-cwCustomButton-toggle-normal"), "mouseup");

In my application the fireEvent fails, because GWT's $wnd.event is null. (Line: 117,

If there is no way to simulate the click with plain JS, then is there a way to use GWT's EventDispatcher to simulate the click?

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