Thursday, January 26, 2017

Re: GWT/Maven: No source code is available for type junit.framework.Test; did you forget to inherit a required module?

On Thursday, January 26, 2017 at 5:26:21 PM UTC+1, Magnus wrote:
Hello Thomas!

> I'd suggest getting Maven to work before Eclipse

Let me explain this:
I am in the middle of a migration of my code towards Maven. Before this, I had this situation:
  • a pure java library (lib-java)
  • a GWT-based java library (lib-gwt)
  • several applications which use both libraries (lib-java and lib-gwt)
In the first steps, I moved the two libraries to Maven. They compile fine and the target jar's are build.
The applications are still based on the GWT-plugin for eclipse, i. e. non-Maven projects.

GWT doesn't care about folders, it reads resources from the classpath.

But then I don't really understand the sense of the *.gwt.xml files, which explicitely include source folders.

No, they subset the classpath by defining subpackages, independently of where they come from (and they sort-of superset the classpath with super-source too).
Still, classpath/classloader based, not file/folder based.
That said, a properly configured Eclipse+Maven+GWT project should configure GWT tasks to only include src/main/java.

How do I do that, while the application is still outsife of Maven?
(In eclipse I can only select dependend projects.)

In the launch configuration, you should be able to tweak the classpath manually to remove the src/test/java entry (which should be independent from the "dependent projects")

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