Saturday, January 28, 2017

Re: GWT/Maven: No source code is available for type junit.framework.Test; did you forget to inherit a required module?

Hello Thomas,

thank you for all the explanations!
I took a look at gwt-user.jar. It looks very interesting. There are a lot of subfolders, where each one seems to be some sort of micro system, including several subfolrders with the common names ("client", "public", ...) as well as several *.gwt.xml files. I think, I'll look at it again...

However, it's hard for me to derive a minimalistic method for my goal: One maven project with two code bases, one for general java (or server-side) code, and one for GWT-related code.

I'd start with a new maven project "mylib", which is based on a simple archetype-quickstart maven stub, and I'd add two subfolders under src/main/java/mylib:
  • src/main/java/mylib/general
  • src/main/java/mylib/web
Then, I'd add the following file:


...with the following content:

  <inherits name=''/>
  <source path='web'/>

Then, I'd include mylib.general.* for server-side code, and mylib.web.* for GWT-based code.

Would this be the right way?
Could I place server-side only code under general (e. g. database related code) and GWT-based code under web?
(I still feel that the GWT compiler then would "ignore" the code under the general folder, doesn't it?)


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