Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Re: GWT Client for App Engine Endpoints

I don't know how much it will help, but RestyGWT could be used for the GWT client to access JSON data via a predefined and share-able json rest interface definition.

Then you could use the builts, (a bit manaully), of libGDX net to to http/json calls to the end point.

The end point I would think would need to be a separate project, just use a predefined endpoint API in your clients to access it as a 3rd party service.

On 01/11/2017 10:12 AM, Matthew Rubenstein wrote:
Hello. I'm trying to add a Google Endpoints client to a LibGDX project. Adding one to the GWT module is causing me a lot of problems. Is there a demo GWT project that includes an Endpoints client, deployable to Google App Engine? A project I can open in Android Studio, so either a Gradle project or a (working) Eclipse project that can be imported by AS?

The LibGDX project setup application generates as an Android Studio Gradle project, like this game demo:

including Android, desktop, GWT ("html" module) and even Ios modules. The platform-nonspecific code (most of the clients application code) is implemented in the "core" module. I've added a simple HTTP XML client to a LigGDX GWT module. But it's not really an Endpoints client; it doesn't share the API from the rest of the project as an API, just as a component of a URL string. Is there a direct way to add an Endpoints client to that GWT module that can share the API with the backend and the other client modules? I'd rather not tack on yet another programming environment in a Javascript phase (ie. JsInterop) after GWT just to add the Endpoints client to what is otherwise a Java project. Thanks for your insights.


FWIW, I tried to get help in the Google App Engine group:

But the "Cloud Platform Support" guidance sent me into days of trying various GWT tutorials and demos all of which are broken. My final attempt was the GWT Project's "Build a GWT app" whose sample project executed but rendered a client webpage with no UI widgets.
"Deploy to GAE / Set up a project (without Eclipse)":

"Alternatively, If you would like to skip the Build a Sample GWT Application tutorial, then download and unzip this file."

BTW like all of the GWT instructional projects documentation I tried, that one's link is broken as its target project has been archived. But the file is still available from:

I edited the tutorial project's various config files according to the tutorial's instructions, and fixed some defects not mentioned in the instructions (like increasing the javac heap size to 512M, and adding <threadsafe>true</threadsafe> to appengine-web.xml , and removing old lib/ JARs that have substitute JARs downloaded by Ant, etc). Only to find the project launches in a browser in ant devmode but the browser app fails to include any actual UI widgets.

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