Thursday, January 26, 2017

Re: GWT/Maven: No source code is available for type junit.framework.Test; did you forget to inherit a required module?

Hello Thomas,

I solved the actual problem by removing the Maven generated from the src/test/ path.
However, my further plans are concerned by what you mentioned below:

GWT doesn't care about folders, it reads resources from the classpath.
But then I don't really understand the sense of the *.gwt.xml files, which explicitely include source folders.
No, they subset the classpath by defining subpackages, independently of where they come from (and they sort-of superset the classpath with super-source too).
Still, classpath/classloader based, not file/folder based.

This means that the GWT compiler "sees" everything on the classpath, wether some subfolder is included as source code in some *.gwt.xml files or not.

At the moment, I have separate libraries, one for pure Java code and one for GWT-based Java code. I already thought about moving them into one library, where one subfolder contains the GWT-related code.
For this one "GWT-folder", this would mean:
  • Only the GWT-folder must be seen by the GWT-compiler, since the other code may not compile with it.
  • Only for the GWT-folder, the corresponding source code must be included into the library jar file.
Until now I thought I can do that by placing a *.gwt.xml file only for the GWT-folder, so that all other folders are simply not existing from the GWT's point of view.
But if I understand you right, all other folders would be included by the GWT-compiler, too. And I don't want to fix this by having special run configurations for all my applications.
The optimal solution for me would be: Include a single jar in an application project, and have both the pure Java libraries and the GWT-related libraries present in the application.

Can I do this or must I keep the both libraries separated?

Thank you very much!

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