Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Re: Ping on client side

You need to replace your HttpURLConnection(s) with RequestBuilder, GWT-RPC, or similar http request. Depending on your selection of http connection, and assuming you're connecting to the same server where the application is hosted, your URL will become a Path to your RPC Servlet, REST endpoint, etc or be a String that you provide to said http request.

Here's the section of the docs where client-server communication is discussed:

On Monday, January 23, 2017 at 9:13:28 AM UTC-7, Dhinakar Reddy Pothireddi wrote:
I am trying to use the code in my client code

public PingObj pingUrl(final String address) {
PingObj po = new PingObj();
try {
final URL url = new URL("http://" + address);
final HttpURLConnection urlConn = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();
urlConn.setConnectTimeout(1000 * 10); // mTimeout is in seconds
final long startTime = System.currentTimeMillis();
final long endTime = System.currentTimeMillis();
if (urlConn.getResponseCode() == HttpURLConnection.HTTP_OK) {
System.out.println("Time (ms) : " + (endTime - startTime));
System.out.println("Ping to " + address + " was success");
po.setTimeTaken(endTime - startTime);
return po;
} catch (final Exception e1) {
return po;

which uses java.net.HttpURLConnection, java.net.URL which cannot be used on the GWT Client side. I am new to this. How to handle these on client side?

Thanks in advance. 

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