Friday, April 22, 2016

SuperDevMode automatic recompile does not work with external server


I just ran into an interesting problem while upgrading a very old GWT
app to GWT 2.8.0-beta1 and its SuperDevMode (using the codehaus maven

Our setup is basically that we got two projects: A GWT project, and a
Java Server that acts as restful json backend.
If I compile stuff via gwt:compile everything works. That's cool.

But if I want to develop stuff using mvn gwt:run (also GWT
2.8.0-beta1) the SuperDevMode never automatically recompiles changes.
I also enabled the SuperDevMode via the bookmarklets, and I can see in
the networks tab that the superdev server gets called. But when I make
changes in my source code and refresh the webpage it does not show any
changes. But it kind of works - If I open the bookmarklet again and
hit "compile" - it works and I see changes. Still annoying.

In contrast - if I run the same GWT project with its own Jetty (aka
<noServer>false</noServer>) then everything works as expected. I
change code in the IDE. Refresh the browser - the "compiling" pop-up
appears and the new version of the app is there. Nice.

So I am wondering why that happens.

Other observations from the network tab:
With the built-in Jetty I see these requests (and the automatic
recompile is working):
1) http://localhost:8888/
2) http://localhost:8888/app/app.nocache.js
3) http://localhost:9876/recompile-requester/app
4) http://localhost:9876/recompile/app?user.agent=gecko1_8&_callback=__gwt_sdm_globals.callbacks.c1461320251613

With our external server I see these requests - the
recompile-requester requests are missing for some reason...
1) http://localhost:8080/
2) http://localhost:8080/assets/gwt/app/app.nocache.js

Does anyone have an idea why automatic recompile does not work with
the external server?

Many thanks in advance!


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