Thursday, April 14, 2016

Re: Testing client-side behavior of GWT Apps

We have gwt unit (htmlunit) based tests and webdriver/firefox based tests. Slowly we are moving more and more towards webdriver/firefox testing.

So much of our client side code is async (server request, refreshes) that is it painful to test in a unit test.

Also webdriver/firefox and some abstraction (such as page object pattern - read good programming/factoring out) means you could swap implementation without changing your tests. Very handy for refactoring/rearchitecting. Not that unlikely in fast move web tech.

When GWT 3.0 is out I'd be interested in looking again at doing very narrow unit tests in a more isolated way.



On Sunday, April 10, 2016 at 5:48:25 PM UTC+1, Lars wrote:
It depends how far you want to go. For sure with selenium/webdriver you could test any web application, but its slow and decoupled from your code. If you are fine to test your frontend code, without the slow event loops, you could do this very fast with gwtmockito. If you need a little bit more you could use gwt-test-utils or GWTTestCase, but keep in mind both base on the old DevMode and will not work with never gwt versions!

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