Monday, April 18, 2016

Re: GWT for Web Development (again)


sorry to revive this old thread. I am having issues with SEO and GWT.

I use Google Webmaster Tools and I can see that my web application is crawled fine when using the "Fetch as Google" tool. However this is not reflected in the indexation, structured data detection, etc... For instance my keywords are "loading" (sic) and a couple more from my static page title. I also added structured data which is not picked on. None of the dynamically loaded data seems to be "seen".

I must say it was a series of hit an miss until I managed to get my web application crawlable (including the fallback permutation missing), so this could explain the current indexation.
However, it's been a week now (I also resubmitted sitemap and indexing after "Fetch as Google") but still no update in the data scrapped, as far as I can tell.

Has anybody experienced such problems before? I am missing something? Should I just be more patient (that's more a question for the Google Webmaster Tools I guess ;-)).


On Wednesday, 31 December 2014 15:39:29 UTC+1, Joseph Lust wrote:
Can you cite an example metric of the "SEO penalty" you're experiencing? For more than a 18mo now, if you use Google Webmaster Tools and Fetch as Google, you'll see your fully rendered GWT page with the async content loaded and displayed. Given this is the Google spider, it follows that this is what's being used to index your site and that GoogleBot understands your GWT app just fine. Note: this is for sites I manage that don't even implement escape fragment.


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