Thursday, April 21, 2016

[2.8-SNAPSHOT] Obscure stack traces

Hi all,
I often get stack traces like the one below at run-time, which are not helpful at all. Am I missing some compiler switch in GWT 2.8 or what? I do have source maps enabled in Chrome. (TypeError) : this.$$outer_0_27_g$.lambda$0_11_g$ is not a function
at Unknown.plh_g$(myApp-0.js@24:73886)
at Unknown.j_g_g$(myApp-0.js@12:70224)
at Unknown.Qkh_g$(myApp-0.js@52:73836)
at Unknown.akh_g$(myApp-0.js@3:73579)
at Unknown.qyf_g$(myApp-0.js@25:44818)
at Unknown._0h_g$(myApp-0.js@17:86120)
at Unknown.y1h_g$(myApp-0.js@3:86330)
at Unknown.KXg_g$(myApp-0.js@23:69468)
at Unknown.cXg_g$(myApp-0.js@19:69172)
at Unknown.pXg_g$(myApp-0.js@7:69275)
at Unknown.mXg_g$(myApp-0.js@3:69254)
at Unknown.e1h_g$(myApp-0.js@3:86210)
at Unknown.f1h_g$(myApp-0.js@15:86156)
at Unknown.joi_g$(myApp-0.js@32:93169)

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