Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Struggling with gwt 2.8/JsInterop and jQuery, help please!

Hi all,

I need to interface with JQuery API that looks like this:
$('.callback.example .checkbox') .checkbox() .first()
.checkbox({ onChecked: function() {...}, onUnchecked: function() {...}, onEnable: function() {...}, onDisable: function() {...}, onDeterminate: function() {..}, onIndeterminate: function() {...}, onChange: function() {...} });

I am trying to use JsInterop and getting a weird JS error, because the jQuery API above does not like the SUICheckbox.Settings class, which I thought would be just a map of callbacks. Any hints? How do you do tackle this with JsInterop?

Here is the JS error:
======================================================= (TypeError) : Cannot convert undefined or null to object at Unknown.hasOwnProperty(Unknown@-1) at Unknown.jQuery.extend.isPlainObject(

Here is the GWT usage code:
SUICheckbox.Settings settings = new SUICheckbox.Settings(); settings.onChecked = ()->Console.log("Checked: "+this.toString()); settings.onUnchecked = ()->Console.log("Unchecked: "+this.toString()); settings.onEnabled = ()->Console.log("Unchecked: "+this.toString()); String checkboxSelector = "#"+planChoices.getElement().getId()+" .checkbox"; SUICheckbox checkBoxContext = 
.$(checkboxSelector) //This is fine!
.checkbox(settings); //BOOM error!!!

Here is the GWT JSInertop wrapper code:
@JsType(isNative = true) public class JQuery { @JsMethod(namespace = JsPackage.GLOBAL) public static native JQueryContext $(String selector);

@JsType(name = "jQuery", isNative = true, namespace = JsPackage.GLOBAL) public class JQueryContext { public native SUICheckbox checkbox(SUICheckbox.Settings setings); }
public interface Functions {
    @FunctionalInterface  @JsFunction // No Return Type
    interface Func {void call();}
@JsType(isNative = true, name = "Checkbox", namespace = "checkbox") public class SUICheckbox extends JQueryContext{ @JsType public static class Settings { @JsProperty public Functions.Func onChecked; @JsProperty public Functions.Func onEnabled; @JsProperty public Functions.Func onUnchecked; } }

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