Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Couldn't load AppFrontEnd from Super Dev Mode

My GWT+Maven setup stopped working after upgrading to 2.7. I am running both GWT+MAVEN (gwt:run)  and GWT+MAVEN+Eclipse (as google web application) using built in jetty and getting this popup box when i bring up the GWT process.

Couldn't load AppFrontEnd from Super Dev Mode. server at http:/.. 
Please make sure this server is ready.

I have tried following things

1. Delete *.nocache.* file from target/[SNAPSHOT]/AppFrontEnd   (Does not work ,the application does not show up any more)
2. Run with classic dev move in Eclipse   (Does not work and i get a slightly different popup but basically asking same thing recompile)
3. mvn clean package and then gwt:run  (Does not work)
4. mvn clean package gwt:compile  and then gwt:run  (Does not work)
5. gwt:run and once the process is up then "gwt:compile  -Dgwt.compiler.force=true"   (Works, the UI shows up fine but code changes are not detected anymore or no hot swapping hence useless)

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