Thursday, April 21, 2016

Re: GWT for Web Development (again)

Thanks to both.

Yes, these are options indeed. I just assumed as the ajax crawling scheme is deprecated, Google was able to crawl my pages OK. I guess we're not there yet completely. Strange thing though is that the "Fetch as Google" works perfectly fine...

On Thursday, 21 April 2016 15:16:16 UTC+2, Oleg K. wrote:
We used Apache HTTP Client with javascript enabled.
A perioid job was running on the backend: load page and save generated html from it to cache.
All search engines received that cached html.

Everything was working fine.

четверг, 25 декабря 2014 г., 10:12:43 UTC+3 пользователь Adolfo Rodriguez написал:
Hi, I suppose the question has been discussed many times but I will like to reopen the issue.

Since I discovered GWT, aprox. 5 years ago, I do not want any other framework. It gives me the right tool to get a good productivity, forget about passing HTTP params back and forward, enjoy lots of libraries, and last times, with bootstrap I have added the best of design to my GWT projects. So, I feel having collected a great toolkit for development.

There is only a problem: search engines. Search engines, in my experience do not like GWT. Even when you have the _escaped_fragment_ thing, I guess google does not treat you the same that with pure HTML code. I know that GWT is not intended for web but is really a shame not enjoying the full potential of the framework on web environments. I have noticed that most of companies that start in GWT migrates to common Java/HTML frameworks as soon as they are successful or they get funding, just because the SEO penalty.

So, is there anything, at all, that could be done, in future releases, to claim GWT being also a framework for Web environments? I mean, not allowing google even know that your webapp was created with GWT. I know about the dynamic content generation but I guess something could be done about it. I think adoption would multiply by thousands.


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