Friday, April 22, 2016

Re: [2.8-SNAPSHOT] Obscure stack traces

<module rename-to='troweloApp'>
    <inherits name=""/>
    <set-property name="compiler.stackMode" value="native" />

Is that correct?

Yes thats correct. With the above you should see source maps applied to stack traces when using Chrome. But you do not have to set compiler.stackMode explicitly to native as native is the default. You can see this in StackTrace.gwt.xml.

I just mentioned it because some people set the property to emulated or have compiler.emulatedStack set to true which effectively sets compiler.stackMode to emulated

And can you please point me to a documentation link for it...

There was an old wiki page talking about exceptions in compiled mode and about the compiler.emulatedStack / compiler.stackMode property:

The fact that compiler.stackMode must be native when Logging.gwt.xml is inherited to get clickable, source mapped stack traces in Chrome is probably only documented in some commit message or it has been already mentioned before in this group or in gwt-contrib.

-- J.

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