Friday, April 22, 2016

Re: SuperDevMode automatic recompile does not work with external server

SuperDevMode does not seem to respect gwt.war when compiling its
superdevmode.nocache.js. And that is the problem. The special
superdevmode.nocache.js gets created in the target folder of the
original gwt project. Our Java server knows nothing about it...

Is there a good workaround? Like telling SuperDevMode where to put its
nocache files to? If not I have to integrate that into the build of
our java dev server I guess...

I am not really familiar with the maven plugins for GWT but DevMode -war <dir> will be forwarded to CodeServer -launcherDir <dir> and the launcherDir is the location CodeServer writes the special *.nocache.js file and all public resources referenced by GWT modules (using the <public> tag) to. So generally it should just work as before.

So with gwt:run you would configure the -war parameter (which internally sets the same value as launcherDir) and with gwt:run-codeserver (?) you would configure the -launcherDir parameter directly.

-- J.

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