Monday, April 28, 2014

UiBinder and writing custom parsers

I need to write a custom widget that is to be used in UiBinder to easily layout a form of properly aligned fields (in multiple columns).

I tried to avoid using a custom widget by defining some resusable stylenames, but it would be much nicer if I could just abstract away whether you need a DIV/TABLE/TR/TD/SPAN/LABEL or any other HTML tag.
I gets complicated very quickly and if you have many screens there should be a lot more reuse possible.

I basically just want that the developer can do something like:

  <x:row><x:label>Label</x:label><x:field><w:TextBox ui:field='text'/></x:field></x:row>
  <x:row><x:label>Label 2</x:label><x:field><w:TextBox ui:field='text'></x:field></x:row>

So I need to be able to mix some plain HTML tags with some custom defined ones.

The only subject I found on how to do this is here:

Is this the officially supported way of doing this ? There is no developer documentation available on this topic. 


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