Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Re: menus with UIBinder

Personally I would live with it until GWT understands Java8 lambda's and method references which would eliminate most anonymous classes in GWT sooner or later. To make the init() method look nicer I would think about writing it as:

void init() {

private ScheduledCommand executeLoginCmd() {
  return new ScheduledCommand() {
    public void execute() {
      // code here

This still looks terrible to me! :-)

If there is no better solution, I will consider doing it with constants and switch-statements (back to the 90's):

public enum Command

void init ()
 setCommand (itm_Login,CMD_LOGIN);
 setCommand (itm_Logout,CMD_LOGOUT);
 setCommand (itm_Cheers,CMD_CHEERS);

private void setCommand (MenuItem itm,final Command cmd)
   new ScheduledCommand ()
    public void execute ()
     processCommand (cmd);

private void processCommand (Command cmd)
 // mega switch

Well ok personally I would never use MenuBar + MenuItem because I like to have real hyperlinks so I can open things in tabs. I would have used something like FlowPanel + PopupPanel to build the menu and Hyperlink + GWT Places to build the menu items.

Sounds interesting. Can you give an example? 


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