Monday, April 21, 2014

MVP app slightly backwards?

I'm working on a GWT app (my first) using MVP architecture with views/presenters maybe backwards from sample apps I've been studying. App UI will be three side-by-side views into the model always visible, rather than being created by presenters on demand. UIBinder is creating the view (one so far in one of the three view panels) OK and view buttons do things as expected, e.g. popping up dialog boxes etc..

Question is how to create presenters and hook them to the views. Is it workable to have the views create/bind the presenters instead of the other way around? Otherwise how to create a presenter in the normal way and have it find/bind the view that UIBinder has already created?

On another issue, is it possible to coax a SplitLayoutPanel to size its boundary widgets using % instead of raw pixels? I'm looking for an easy way to have west/center/east widgets be equal width initially and retain current width ratios when  the browser window is resized (user might have dragged splitters meanwhile).

Thanks y'all...

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