Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Loading gwt-script from other site to run x-site

Hi folks

I have a case where I am supposed to develop a script that should be placed on a central 'script-site'. This program should then be incorporated on various other sites (loading it x-site-style). 

What it does, or rather should do?: It searches the page it is incorporated into for the occurence of a certain tag (marked with a certain css-class) then uses properties (id) from that tag to open a remote x-site call to yet another site for jsonp-data and then displays that data onto the page. 

I have been doing some initial testing with gwt for this. Yet i am not certain exatly how to do it. Does anybody have a good example of this or an article describing this (I have googled a bit but havent found anything matching this)?

Kind regards


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